Valentine's Day Gift for You

February 14, 2019

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. What are you up to? I’ll tell you what I’m up to – giving hugs to everyone. And I mean YOU. Because to me, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love regardless of whether you have a significant other. It’s about celebrating the love we have with family and friends too.


But most importantly – I believe this day is a reminder to include yourself in the love too. It’s a lesson I try to teach my children every day – that they must love themselves to understand their love is valuable to themselves and to others. So on this Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to look in the mirror and blow yourself a kiss – give yourself a hug – and say “I love you.” Then go out and buy yourself your favorite flowers or favorite dessert. Go show yourself some love. And remember – big hugs to you today and every day from me.

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