Inspiration for Moms - Laughter and Joy Are Part of the Beauty of Life

December 18, 2019

Life can be an up and down process for many people. Some say, if not for the downs, we would not know the ups. I never knew whether I found truth in this…

But, I know one thing … it is the laughter and joy I have experienced with family and friends that has kept me going all these years. Being with people I love (and who love me), provides me with strength to weather life. I cannot say I’m happy constantly, but I remind myself each day that there is joy in my life if only I allow my mind to see it. If my mind can see it, then it becomes in line with my heart and my soul. Without the alignment of all three, things can go out of focus quickly.

For those struggling now (or in the future), I can only provide this encouragement – do not walk your path alone. You have friends and family in your lives. They may not know how to say things to make you feel better. They might not know what to do to help. But know this –  You have friends and family who want to be here for you simply because they love you. Let them in to be there for you so you can realize in time that laughter & joy are part of the beauty of life. You deserve to be happy to experience this beauty.

Joy is a Lifestyle™. I hope you will be allow yourself to live it.

With joy and hugs,


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