New Product Launch - Scrunchies Subscription Made by my 8-year-old Daughter

November 22, 2020

Can I tell you a story?

As every one knows, the pandemic brought the world to it's knees. Many families are out of work. Parents are quitting their jobs or taking leave of absence to help the kids with virtual schooling. The juggling act while the parent is working, on a work call, making meals, and trying to answer the kids questions when they need help with school - it's stress for a lot of parents.

Our family has been fortunate. I have worked from home as my own boss for more than 10 years.

But not every family has been as fortunate.

Namely, the families who don't get paid if they're not working. The ones who can't put food on the table or buy diapers because they can't work from home while helping the kids with virtual school work.

I've been talking about this pandemic with my kids since day one. They know we're lucky and are grateful. But they also know we've had countless friends who have been effected by Covid-19 - getting sick, not being able to work or have lost their loved ones. They know there are a lot of families effected financially and have to choose between food, a roof over their heads, paying bills and for some - buying diapers.

Which brings me back to the story I want to share.

For months, my kids have wanted to help the families. My 10yo has asked me to buy food to donate and has used his own money to pay for the donations.

My 8yo has helped me with masks, but wanted to do something of her own and make something she could sell in the shop.

She decided she wanted to make a scrunchies subscription and donate the money to help families in poverty. But she also wanted to support small businesses owned by women so she chose to buy fabric designed by women, in particular women of color.

Lil lady sewing on industrial sewing machine

We've been sourcing fabric all summer. Lots of fabric, sewing, and test runs to make sure her production process is efficient.

I've been working with her on cost analysis, how to pay herself, and how to set aside funds to donate.

After all the hard work, she's decided to launch her product in time for the Holidays as a special edition item in the Shop.

We have some tech and financial limitations on the reoccurring piece so we're not able to automate the subscription, but we'll be pre-selling future months along with this special edition run.

We're working on product listings in the shop this week to pre-sell starting Black Friday.

She's finishing up the final touches and decided she wanted to include fun things in this first month with the scrunchies to make it more of a holiday gift package for those who purchase.

She's had a lot of fun selecting fabric type, designs, packaging...

lil lady using the serger machine

The first special edition scrunchies offering will be shipped by week of 12/1 with 3 scrunchies, a sheet of stickers and a journal. Thereafter, another 3 scrunchies with new fabric will ship out bi-monthly.

Months in the making - she's so excited for this launch. And I'm super proud of her. I'm really hoping this limited run will sell out and that the 3-month and 6-month subscriptions will pre-sell because I want her to feel good that all her hard work will pay off, but I know I can't guarantee to her it will.

She still needs to finish making the remainder of the scrunchies. We're waiting for final supplies to roll in. And if this limited run sells, we'll need to package the orders, print labels and get them out the door. The rest is up to the shipping fairies.

I'll be back in your inbox this week once the product listings are live on our website so you can check out the beautiful prints she's chosen. You'll be the first know before I post onto our public social media channels.

I hope you'll be able to join me in celebrating her success of her first product launch. Maybe you'll even fall in love with this entire idea and want to support the cause. =)

Click here to choose a subscription for you, a family member or a friend today!

Lil lady hand stitching a test scrunchie

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