Motherhood is hard

There are times when it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Mothers need a million hands and eye balls to keep things running. It’s a challenge and doesn’t always feel joyful. Those moments when one child is crying and you just stepped on a ton of legos. When something’s sparking in the microwave or burning on top of the stove and you’re running on two hours of sleep. The times you’re trying to change a diaper in the public bathroom with one child running around while you're trying not to drop your baby on the floor. It’s hard to feel the joy of motherhood on those days.

We’re here to help restore the joy.

To help make motherhood just a little bit easier by creating simple solutions that are joyful and fun. Through beautiful, colorful and practical products that become mom’s helper in those moments. We are committed to creating products that perform and save time wherever parents go whether it's home, the bathroom or the outdoors. We're here to help you remember to breathe deep, to smile and remind you that we’re all going to get through this together.


Created out of frustration and necessity for our own family, our products bring efficiency to the world of parenting. Each of our designs are created not only for the baby but also with the busy parent in mind. Yippy Bebe® believes that parenting and family life should be less stressful for parties involved.

Each of our products are handcrafted with extra care for your family.

During my childhood, my mother attended school to be a patternmaker while working in factory. I fondly remember watching her practice at home in preparation for her classes. She made many dresses for me during my adolescence.

I remember my days designing, sketching, drawing and photographing. The creative process always made me happy. I loved the different colors of crayons and the feel of a pencil when sketching or clicking the camera. The humming from my sewing machines. The results of my imagination on paper and fabric made me smile.

I made my first bag when I was six years old. As simple as it was, I was so proud of that little bag I designed and finished. I made my first outfit when I was 11.

Sewing went on a hiatus during high school, college and the early part of my career. I lost myself in my studies and kept busy in life once my career began making less time for other things. I wanted to be the “career” woman with my briefcase, black suit and heels in NYC.

After my first child arrived, I saw him gravitate to art, music and books. That made me smile. I made every effort to encourage his love for these things and found myself drawing and writing again. It is moments like these that have brought joy to my life.

Rita P. Cheng

Founder & Designer
Yippy BeBe®

From Happy Customers

I just got this two days ago and it has already proved indispensable for changing my daughter in the car, public restrooms, etc. Rita was kind enough to make a Velcro-free version since I'm sick of Velcro snagging in my clothes, and I really appreciate it. The pattern and workmanship are lovely, and her inclusion of diaper wipes was a very thoughtful touch. I highly recommended this item and this shop!


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