Tutorial: Cross Stitching Double Happiness Wedding Gift

June 18, 2014

I enjoy handmaking things, especially as gifts for friends. I’ve had a lot of friends get married the last two years. I did buy things off their registry for them to give as gifts at bridal showers but I also wanted to give them something they couldn’t buy. One of my friends got married in January. Both people in the couple are Chinese. Being Chinese myself, I knew that when we marry the word “Double Happiness” is an important Chinese character and it’s what we wish for all couples. So, I decided to embroider it for them and framed it.

  • DMC Cross Stitching thread
  • Cross Stitching hoop or frame
  • Charles Craft Classic Reserve Aida 14 Count 12″X18″ in Red
  • Picture frame w/mat board
  • Threading needle
  • Scissors (to cut thread)


What I did

  • I had to search online for a photo of the double happiness calligraphy
  • After I found the right one, enlarged the photo to the size I wanted to cross-stitch it at and printed it onto white paper to use as my pattern
  • Measured the letter vs the cross stitching fabric to see how many stitches I would need to make the width & length of the letter
  • Searched for a flower related to happiness, good marriages or harmony in our culture
  • I also confirmed the flower with my grandmother and mother to make sure I chose the right one
  • I asked my mom to pick a Chinese phrase for wedding well wishes to stitch to the bottom

From there, I just stitched everything based on my measurements

Stitches I used

  • Double Happiness – 1/2 stitch – I tried a full but it just didn’t look right
  • Middle of flower – full cross stitch
  • Flower “stems” – full cross stitch
  • Names, “&” and date – back stitch
  • Chinese phrase – I improvised to get it to look like proper Chinese calligraphy
  • I machine stitched & taped the sides of the fabric to stop them from running before framing it

Happy crafting!

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