Letting Kids Get Dirty

January 03, 2014

I recently discovered my lil man loves to finger paint. It was a big surprise to me because as an infant and younger toddler, he was always afraid to get his hands dirty. He's always loved to paint, but always insisted on using a brush.

After learning that he now loves to finger paint, I went all out. I decided to let him paint a canvas. He definitely enjoyed it especially since it was with his two favorite colors of the month.

Then an idea came to me. I wanted to give my in-laws a Christmas gift while we were there visiting. I asked one of my Sisters-in-law what she thought about making a canvas piece for her parents - a family tree of sorts. Have the kids put paint on their hands and stamp their handprint onto the canvas. Here's the tree lil man painted.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the tree so I can't share the final look, but we had each of lil man's cousins sign their names next to their multi-colored handprints. They loved it as did my in-laws.

Do your kids love to finger paint?

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