Baby Lock Symphony Sewing Machine

August 17, 2012

I'm so excited! Finally found another sewing machine to add to the studio.

Before I received the Baby Lock Symphony, I already had this portable from Kenmore. I've had this some 10 years now I think.

It's a simple machine. Nothing particularly special as it's just a small home machine. I actually loaned it to a friend a few years ago who needed it for her program at Parsons. At the time I wasn't really using it and it simply didn't make sense for her to buy a brand new machine. I recently got it back so now it's home and rejoined the industrial machine I scored last year for $200 from my mom's friend:

This Singer is a workhorse v (as any industrial machine should be). And you can't beat the price! She inherited from her father-in-law (may he rest in peace). It was sitting around for several years and she isn't a seamstress so she was getting ready to get rid of it when she mentioned it to my mom & of course, my mom told her I'd take it for my business. The money was donated to breast cancer research, so all-in-all, great for everyone.

Back to my new toy. I was looking for something to do free motion quilting and applique. Both features my industrial and portable machines cannot do and neither move at the pace I would like. They're both pretty slow machines. The industrial only does straight stitching, but I've tried to do some applique work. Not only did it take way too long, it wasn't great looking when done either. The portable machine can do a few minor stitches that I could use for applique, but again, not at a great speed nor easy to maneuver.

Why the Baby Lock Symphony? I looked at a variety of machines from inexpensive to more expensive than then Symphony. Inexpensive ones were pretty much just like buying the same machine I already had. Highly expensive machines were well...too expensive and a bit too fancy for my needs. The Symphony has the features I need with loads of accessories and options within those features and it's a great price.

Where did we get the machine from? We drove to Queens to Sew Right because they had a good selection of machines to test and check out. I have Maryann & Laurie at Sew Right to thank. They are both wonderful ladies who are extremely knowledgeable. Laurie introduced me to the machine over two phone conversations - she was so pleasant I just had to take the trip to the store. Maryann showed us a lot of features of the machine when we arrived plus some really cool tricks. If you're looking for a great place for lessons and/or to buy a machine, Sew Right is the place to go for knowledge advice and fantastic customer service and the owner is very outgoing as well. The entire team there is great and not pushy at all.

Now that the machine is home I just need to get a table for it. Here's the beauty:

Do you have a machine you love? Would love to hear about it.

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