Tutorial: Felt Pillow with Embroidery

August 29, 2011

A friend of mine had her wedding anniversary a few months back, but I didn't know what to get them as a gift. I never really know what to give as a gift to couples because it's for two people. You have to get something they both like.

So, instead of buying something, I decided to make this pillow for them.


  • (2) - 9"x12" felt pieces
  • (1) - felt piece for the flower of a different color
  • Embroidery thread - I used a similar color to that of the flower
  • (1) embroidery needle
  • Polyfill pillow stuffing - how much will depend how puffy you like your pillow
  • Scissors


What I did

  • Searched online for flowers related to wedding anniversaries, then chose a photo of the flower that gave me the most detail to duplicate
  • Once I chose a photo of the flower, I cut the pedals from the felt piece & attached each pedal to one piece of felt
  • Since the flower I chose had stacked pedals, I was able to stitch a couple pedals onto the felt together at the same time
  • To make the thread sticking out (dangling) from the pillow, I knotted one end of the thread, stitched it through the felt and the pedals, left about an inch of space and tied a second knot before cutting the thread to make another one
  • Since this was for a wedding anniversary, I wanted to say something about love and the flower so I decided to stitch "Love is blossoming" because I truly believe that love will continually blossom in any healthy relationship
  • Stitched the sides of the pillow, but left a small opening on the fourth side so I could stuff the pillow with polyfill
  • After I stuffed the pillow, I stitched the opening closed


Stitch styles used


Sorry my I wasn't able to write out good step-by-step instructions, but I hope the materials list and the stitching styles list is helpful. Happy crafting!

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