Scrunchies Subscription - 6 months

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Take the guess-work out of choosing the perfect gift (and save some money too)!

Our new special edition scrunchies subscription makes the perfect gift for a special girl in your life (or yourself)! 

Exclusive Access: Our bi-monthly scrunchies subscription includes our newest scrunchies that aren't released yet, so you and your little girl will be the first to have these designs! Subscribers save over 30% on their scrunchies! Can you imagine the squeal of delight as 3 beautiful new scrunchies are delivered to your door every two months?

Fabric: Each scrunchie is handmade with heavyweight Celosia Velvet™ that has an elegant shimmer, printed-on-demand with rich and long-lasting color. 

With a plush feel and durable construction that softens in the wash. Fabric designs for all scrunchies are hand-selected by our kid CEO, who created this exclusive product line. 

Our 8-year-old has helped with masks but wanted to do something of her own and make something she could sell in the shop. 

She decided she wanted to make a scrunchies subscription and donate a portion of the proceeds to help buy diapers for families in need. But she also wanted to support small businesses owned by women so she chose to buy fabric designed by women, in particular BIPOC women.

Once all the fabric is received, she hand makes each scrunchie in-house from cutting to packaging. Each scrunchie is checked for quality before it gets packaged and ship to you.

Save 30% while still contributing to causes that matter!

Shipping: Your scrunchies will be shipped on the two weeks of each bi-month and delivered right to your mailbox.

This is a pre-paid subscription for six months of scrunchies delivered every other month. (December February, April, June, August, October).

NOTE: If you are placing this order today, you will receive all the scrunchies made previously. If you are placing this order in April, you will also receive the scrunchies from December and February in your 1st shipment. Thereafter, you will receive scrunchies in your June, August and October shipments.

What's included in the first month? 3 beautiful scrunchies, stickers, journal, and pen/pencil. Perfect as a holiday gift surprise! You can read more about it here.

If you have any questions, please email!

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